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Best Looking apps for Android Devices

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Best Looking apps for Android Devices

Best Looking apps for Android Devices
Here’s a list of some best looking apps for your new android device.
Falcon Pro / Plume – Twitter has a pretty decent native application, but if you’re looking for something with a little more eye candy, then try out either Falcon Pro or Plume. Both are very well designed and fully functional. Also check out the Falcon widget (a separate app) for some beautiful home screen Twitter action.

Snapseed – Speaking of photos, Snapseed (recently acquired by Google) is a beautiful and full featured photo-editing software. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything more robust then Snapseed when it comes to editing capabilities.
Flipboard – The famed Flipboard is like an ever-changing magazine with all of your favorite categories of content.

Pocket – Pocket is a beautiful “save it for later” reader. If you find content you want to read, but don’t have time, just save it to Pocket where you can read it at a more convenient time…even if you’re phone/tablet is “offline”.
Google Books - Google Books recently got a design update and is now one of the cleanest, most elegant readers you will find. It’s great if you haven’t already bought into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem.
News Republic for Tablets- News Republic is another good looking news app designed specifically for tablets. It also lets you read articles from different categories of interest. It has some nice animations and eye candy.
Talk Android - Of course you’re a Talk Android reader! Check out our new official Talk Android app!
Google Music - Looks great and syncs all of your Google Music directly to your device, so you don’t need to store anything on the SD card.
Double Twist Player - Double Twist knows how to design incredibly beautiful apps. This music player is one of them! Lots of features, and even more can be purchased in app.
Spotify / Rdio / Pandora –  Music streaming has turned into a big business, and these three apps come from the top contenders in the catagory. Grab all three and see which one you like best.
TuneIn Radio - Tunein Radio lets you listen to radio stations from across the world. It is totally free and is very well designed.
 Eye in Sky - Eye in Sky won top honors in our Best Weather Widgets rundown, and rightly so. This is the best looking weather app that you’ll find for Android.
Evernote – Keep all your ideas and notes in one place with this great looking app. Syncs to all your devices that have Evernote installed.
Mint - A beautiful and super functional financing app that puts all your financial data in one place and gives you a break down of spending, income, net worth and more.
Flight Tracker – Speaking of traveling, Flight Tracker is the most beautiful way to see when your loved ones’ flights are arriving.
Timer / Minu Timer / Hybrid Stopwatch - Timer, Minu Timer and Hybrid Stopwatch are all excellent time keeping tools.
TED Talks – If you want to expand your mind, check out the official TED Talks app. It is very well designed and follows all of Android’s new design cues.
BBC Good Food - Here is a new and beautiful cooking app for Android.
We hope this list got you started on a fun new adventure with your Android device! If you’ve found any beautiful apps that you think we forgot, add them to the comments. 

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